6 Best air purifying house plants

6 Best air purifying house plants

We are all becoming much more aware of the importance of our environment, not just in the wider world, but in our own homes and work spaces as well. Modern life exposes us to thousands of toxins on a daily basis, from the pesticides used to grow our foods to plastic packaging, emissions from our gas fired central heating and every day cleaning products.

Airborne toxins are everywhere we go and in places we’d never expect. But how can we combat these toxins in the places where we spend most of our time? How can we reduce the impact on our health and wellbeing? Plant Power!

Image courtesy of Helena Lopes on Unsplash

Plants can have a huge impact on both our physical and mental wellbeing by absorbing up to 85% of airborne pollutants such as ammonia,  benzine and formaldehyde (all of which are linked to cancer), as well as promoting relaxation and a sense of calm in our homes and workplaces. Plants in the workspace have also been linked to improved productivity and creativity. Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen means your body can work more effectively, with noticeable reduction in brain fatigue and boosted immunity through reduced stress. Of course being surrounded by greenery is also way more inspiring and motivating than a dull and dreary workspace or impersonal home decor. 

airy light bedroom with plants

Image courtesy of Timothy Buck on Unsplash

Before you drive down to your local garden centre there are some things to consider:

  1. Where are your plants going to live? Does your house have good natural light? All plants need some natural sunlight to survive so check which locations in your home or office are suitable for house plants. You will also need to consider temperature in your placement. Try to keep your plants away from radiators, air conditioning units and draughty spots.
  2. Now that you’ve identified suitable locations, consider which type of plants will work well. Mixing plants of different heights and textures will create a more interesting space but the more different varieties you choose, the harder it will be to care for them. Tall plants work well to mark an entrance and trailing plants looks great added to shelving units. If space is at a premium then you could consider hanging or wall planters which look great combined with wall art and other decor.

 As designers of graphic art, we care deeply about how the home environment makes us feel. Add into that our love of infographics and we have us a handy guide to the 6 best air purifying house plants. If you don’t see yourself as green fingered then don’t despair, these plants are easy to care for; just be mindful that if you have pets, the majority of these plants are toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. With all that said, its time to take advantage of the many benefits of house plants! Click the image to download your infographic to print at home.

Air purifying plants infographic 

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