7 Interior Trends to Try in 2022

7 Interior Trends to Try in 2022

These are the top emerging interior trends for the year ahead. How will you home in 2022?

2022 brings with it a welcome optimism for a pre-pandemic lifestyle and with this in mind and as more people return to their offices, homes are being reclaimed as spaces to relax and unwind, rather than multitasking as offices, gym and schools.

With the ever rising cost of living and drive for sustainability, consumers are also making more considered and environmentally conscious purchases.

1. Going green 

Living room with green velvet sofa and lots of plants and wood

As we continue to embrace the idea of bringing the outside in, green hues are creeping in everywhere from bold emerald green velvet sofas to olive tones on the walls and of course the addition of plenty of house plants. This example pictured from influencer @hesti.novitadewi epitomises this trend. If you are looking for some inspiration in this department then definitely check out our recent blog post on plant loving Instagram accounts.

After being restricted to our homes intermittently over the past couple of years, the power of nature is undeniable and consumer searches for all things nature inspired have risen enormously. Along with the colour of the moment, other natural elements such as terracotta, jute, woven elements, raw timber and textural accessories can be found everywhere. If the thought of adding bold colour to any items of permanence is too much for you, then why not add a nod to this trend with some jewel toned accessories.

2. Make a statement with lighting

gorgeous natural pendant lights above a bed covered in shells

Functional and fabulous, statement lighting is the perfect way to shine a light [literally] on your home. Sculptural and natural elements are hard at play here too, with the use of woven details and lots of texture to add interest.

2022 is the year to think of your lighting as decorative in its own right and if you’re going for bold, think statement and jewel toned for maximum impact like these beautiful glass pendants from @kathrynadamsglass

beautiful glass jewel coloured pendant lights3. Blissful bedrooms

Perhaps over the pandemic your bedroom has also been your office, rather than the sanctuary it should be to retreat to after a hard day. It’s time to bring back the zen vibes. Ideally our bedrooms should be free of the trappings of work and associated stress, a restful haven with soothing colour palettes and low mood lighting.

In 2022, bedrooms are being de-cluttered, simplified and technology removed. Having a space to truly rest is paramount so think soft colour palettes, neutral walls and plenty of tactile accents like snuggly throws, fluffy rugs and other soft furnishings which exude a cosy, snug feel. Minimal wall art in soft tones makes a nice addition like this example featuring our forward fold and forearm stand yoga pose prints. For yoga fans wishing to create their own yoga studio at home, check out this how to article.

calm soothing bedroom with two yoga pose prints resting up against the wardrobe


4. Colourful kitchens

In contrast to the neutral calm of the bedroom, it seems we are embracing a retro feel in the kitchen with the addition of colourful cabinets, flooring and splashbacks. The addition of pattern into the mix injects even more fun if you’re brave enough like @colorful_kimmes pictured on the right below. The kitchen has always been seen as the centre of the home and this look is modern and playful. Perfect for all those kitchen disco’s! 

5. Cottage core

Emerging all over social media in 2021, cottagecore content is continuing to dominate. If you’re of a certain age then think ‘The Good Life’ and you’ll have a better understanding of this trend. Think country cottage, floral prints, chalky paints and all things organic, bringing us right back to this idea of bringing the outside in. It also ties us into sustainability and upcycling and immediately makes us think we should have a vegetable patch.

6. Make it personal

According to Etsy’s early 2022 trend insights, demand for personalised home decor is on the rise. Items like one of a kind welcome mats, customised wooden chopping boards and personalised artwork are being sought after to add those all important unique touches to our homes. We have a wide range of personalised prints available in store but the collage print shown below is a great example. 

7. Focus on the sustainable

As consumers become increasingly conscious, there has been a rise in the use of sustainable materials, re-using old furniture and homewares and upcycling. More and more people are extending the lifespan of their homewares by giving it a makeover to fit their current aesthetic. Reclaimed wood is big news along with recycled glass and the fast fashion backlash is extending into the interiors world. Homeware also now has its own social marketplace with the launch of Narchie (currently only available on the app store)

Instagram as always is a great source of inspiration for upcycling projects, check out @b.t.smith_interiors or @melaniejadedesign who always has a DIY project on the go.


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