How to create the perfect gallery wall

How to create the perfect gallery wall

Gallery walls are a great way to add personality to your home, but where do you start with selecting prints, and then deciding a layout? Here are our top tips and suggested templates for creating the perfect gallery wall.

Image courtesy of @nest_twenty_eight featuring our coloured vinyl record print

First things first, have a plan! Don't hammer that first nail without considering your layout. Before you begin, think about whether you want your gallery to follow a particular colour scheme or theme? Consider your existing decor, a gallery wall is best displayed against a plain, neutral background. When framing your prints think about the overall effect. Bold, colour contrasting prints can be balanced with simple frames in a single colour. But if your prints are all of a similar style or monochromatic, consider adding contrast with different frame colours and styles. Most of all have fun with it - a gallery wall is a great way to visually express yourself.

gallery wall in living room from @flawsomehome
Image courtesy of @flawsomehome featuring our Retro mixtape print

When your prints are prepped and ready to hang, its decision time! Start by laying the prints out on the floor and working out different combinations until you find your preferred look. To get you started we've worked up various gallery templates to give you inspiration, depending on your available space. Another option to consider is using picture ledges (we love the ones from Ikea) which come in different widths. Picture ledges can also be combined at different heights to create a gorgeous gallery wall.  

The Basic One
Perfect for hallways or over the sofa, this simplest of gallery walls is a great way to show off a series of prints.



gallery wall layout in vertical grid

The Vertical Grid
A well balanced arrangement, this style provides flexibility to expand the gallery, adding prints along the same vertical line. Frames are best kept consistent to tie the look together.



Gallery wall layout symmetrical grid
The Perfectionist
If you love symmetry, then this is the gallery wall style for you. The structured layout creates a more formal look so its best to stick to one style of artwork throughout. Take care with hanging your frames, as uneven spacing will be obvious.


Stairway gallery wall layoutThe Stairway
The perfect place to showcase your prints, yet the incline makes for trickier positioning. Our top tip is to start with one focal piece and build on it. Create a central guide line which follows the incline of the stairs and use this to anchor your prints. Add additional pieces above and below to fill the space.





 Gallery wall freestyle layout 

The Freestyle
An eclectic mix of frame and artwork styles works well with a freestyle layout. Rules are made to be broken here, so include everything from fine art to the kids paintings or even mirrors or other objet d’art. 



Gallery wall layout using a picture ledge

The Hipster
Not sure you want to commit to a gallery wall? Go for a picture ledge or ledges, which allow you to easily swap out artwork and frames. Mix and match frame styles and sizes to create differentiation or even consider accessorising your display with smaller decorative items to the fore.



Happy to help.
We're here anytime to help advise you on the best print and framing options to suit your style and budget. Drop us a line at or message us on social - we'd love to chat!

In the meantime, why not take a browse of our personalised prints or typography designs, these are often popular additions to any gallery wall.

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Hi – we have a really large gallery wall space but no budget to fill it!! Can you help? I’ve been staring at it for 17 years and feel disappointed that I don’t have the skill to do anything with it! can I send you photos to see if you can inspire me? thank you! lisa

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