Minimal Monochrome is having a moment (Again!)

Minimal Monochrome is having a moment (Again!)

Much like Parisian chic for fashion, the monochrome home trend never seems to go out of style. In fact for that reason, I guess you can’t really call it a “trend” at all for it is timeless in its appeal.

So what is it about monochrome that makes is so appealing? Well firstly for its sheer simplicity and effortlessness. Less really can be more and using a two tone colour palate makes decorating a no nonsense affair. There can be no doubt that black and white will complement each other, no decorating disasters here!

So how can you add personality to a monochrome interior scheme? Well, decorating with black and white can be classic yet modern, sophisticated yet edgy or bold and moody depending on how you play with the depth of tone, accent colours and pattern.

Some great advice from an interiors blog we read states “Remember to use black to highlight and white to offset the elements you’d like to feature in your home, then start to introduce some stylish accents – a hint of grey, a pop of colour here or there and you have yourself an utterly chic decor that is as timeless as it is cool.”

The accessories you use in your interior, can play an integral role when it comes to nailing a monochrome interior, so scroll on for some inspiration.

Adding pattern to a monochrome interior scheme is a great way of adding extra interest to an otherwise minimal decor. The addition of a gallery wall of geometric prints in complimentary tonal colours provides a great focal point. The prints shown are from our Pick 'n' Mix collection available as 3 for 2 in our Etsy store.

The female form is often depicted in minimal or abstract line drawings and makes an elegant and understated addition to your home decor. Our collection of prints celebrate the female body in its myriad forms and make great interiors updates to complement any neutral decor.

Typography is ever popular as a way of expressing personality or adding a touch of fun to your home. Prints look great layered up on picture ledges or as part of gallery walls. Why not browse our typography collection for inspiration.

If the rest of your decor is neutral with only monochrome accents, adding a pop of colour through use of soft furnishings or other accessories can really create the wow factor. Our gorgeous Zebra print is the perfect example.

We've tried pattern, minimalistic, playing with type, adding a pop of colour and finally dark and brooding. Dark walls are a great way of adding warmth and mood to your home. Simply layering tonal shades of black, white and grey creates an overall ambience of comfort and cosiness. Throw in some pattern and complimentary accessories like our grey vinyl print and you're onto a winner.



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